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STRATEGIES is based in Paris (France) and develops CAD/CAM/PDM programs for footwear and Leather Goods industries for more than 25 years.

Better footwear through gait and motion research!

Laboratory of CSIR Central Leather Research Institute (CLRD) experts are analyzing the gait and motion of different individuals. Their research provides some insights regarding design and development of standardized corrective footwear to prevent and clues on how to treat gait related problems.

Mould Prevention Solutions Flyer

Mould growth is one of the significant issues within the leather and footwear supply chains. Mould growth on products can cause colour change and an unpleasant smell on products and in some cases may lead to irreversible damage to products. As a result, mould growth, extra cost, whether tangible or intangible, may be incurred in the supply chain of leather goods and footwear production. Therefore, prevention of mould spread in the manufacturing site, storage and packing area is crucial within the footwear and leather industries. In this article, as part of solutions, SGS -the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company- mould prevention awareness training.

Illustrating footwear design process in your shoes making

Footwear design always requires a very keen sense of perfect line and balance supported by a creative flair and sense for fashion trends. In your shoes making process, design process such as Sole, Toecap, Upper materials, and modern design are illustrated in this article.

What is CAD-CAM Design Center?

LFMEAB and COEL jointly run the Design Center that produces the shoe designs following client needs with new and fashionable outlines and designs to meet the international standard. It also takes order to develop client’s own design for exhibiting at different fairs and exhibitions.

Complete Footwear CADCAM Solutions

Shoe last is the solid form around which a shoe is molded. The application of CAD/CAM technology is the vital solution to improve shoe last industry. This guide presents an integrated CAD/CAM system development approach for shoe last. The design process is realized by manipulating the data set. The data set can then be used to construct surface model of shoe last. With the help of the CAM functions provided by UG/Manufacturing, the NC program can be obtained from the surface model and then controls a specialized shoe last NC machine to finish the machining process. The use of this integrated system greatly results in the production of high quality shoe lasts in a shorter time. This system development method is suitable for other CAD/CAM systems development of products with complex shapes.