Nike Joins the Global Fashion Agenda as a Strategic Partner for Sustainability

The organizers of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit have welcomed Nike into its group of Strategic Partners, a “hand-picked” cadre of sustainability leaders that includes Bestseller, H&M, Kering, Li & Fung, the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and Target.

World class leather color Produced by Apex Footwear Limited

World Class leather color produced by Apex Footwear Limited, according to an internation fashion compitition held in Berlin, Germany. Apex Footwear Limited was on of the top 27 companies in terms of work class leather color production.

Trade war forces companies to consider pulling operations out of both China and US

A new survey shows 70 per cent of US manufacturing firms doing business in China are considering moving all or part of their production out of the country long-term due to the trade war. Companies report sharp rise in non-tariffs barriers, with Chinese firms doing business in US bearing the brunt.

Unethical hide and skin procurement behaviour

As any tanner will tell you, it is the price of raw materials, the hides or skins, that is the largest cost to a leather making business. In any tannery, the person or people that are positioned on the raw materials procurement side are usually of senior management level or, often, the owners of the business themselves. It’s that important a job.

leather Insider Report October 2018

The world is changing and, with the world, the leather sector is changing too. The big groups of fashion which, as you will read, are reporting excellent performances, increasingly aspire to a vertical integration of the industry, looking gladly at the acquisition of tanneries. That’s the case with Chanel, which incorporated the Spanish company Colomer Leather Group. Then the ever-present look at the world of fashion and to the main novelties, especially the highly anticipated Burberry fashion show which took place in London a few days ago. In a market environment that sees the raw materials’ value in constant decline, as you will see for yourselves from our diagrams, the fall season opened with a Shangai fair of very low expectations, mainly due to the tense political the situation between China and US that we are experiencing these days and that we tell you about in this issue. Back to the market updates, you will find, as usual, our in-depth analysis of the American and Brazilian meat market and, the new entry of this month, an update on the exports and slaughter of Australian meat. All this and much more in the new issue.

FY'2018-19: Budget Fact Sheet

The annual budget factsheet of FY'2018-19 with relevant information about leather goods and footwear export-import industry and overall business scenario.

Safety Committee in Workplace

This is an instruction about, Safety Committee in Workplace. How do they work? What is the process of forming a safety committee? Who will be involved in that committee? The manual is developed by Ministry of Labor and Employment Bangladesh.

10 Safety Rules Every Worker should Know

There are 10 basic safety rules that should be known by every worker. The manual has been created by the ministry of labor and employment Bangladesh.

Comprehensive Report on Bangladesh Leathergoods & Footwear Industry 2017

The leather industry of Bangladesh is one of the high potential sectors for product diversification. The government of Bangladesh has declared leather, leatherproducts, and footwear as the product of the year.

Opportunities for competitive Manufacturing

Opportunities for competitive Manufacturing presents what an investor look, general observations in Bangladesh, Bangladesh’s Export of Leathergoods and footwear Products, domestic prospects, new opportunities in international competitive manufacturing, domestic challenges in competitive manufacturing, Sectoral challenges in competitive manufacturing, and challenges in global competitive market

A Comprehensive Report on “Bangladesh Leather Industry”

A brief overview of the Leather Footwear and Leathergoods sectors, role played by LFMEAB for the development of the sector and the prospects for the Sector, strengths of Bangladesh Leather Sector, and what is the future potentiality of the sector?

Bangladesh Footwear Industry Report 2015

Bangladesh Footwear Industry Report 2015 clearly shows some basic informations on Bangladesh footwear sector, production capacity, footwear exports, footwear export destinations, footwear export trends in last 10 years, and why sourcing from Bangladesh?

What is Knowledge & Resource Centre (KRC)?

Knowledge & Resource Centre (KRC) is an online-managed center established to provide up-to-date knowledge and latest facilities needed in Bangladesh Leathergoods and Footwear sector. It is equipped with resources containing global and regional market information, fashion trends and guides, innovative ideas on product and design, compliance guidelines, training manuals, policy briefs, investment outlooks, research materials, and other public and private support systems.


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