Youth unemployment remains a big problem for Bangladesh.

Youth unemployment is expected to be a major problem for Bangladesh over the next decade, according to a report released by the World Bank. The report said the problem of youth unemployment is global, with a third of the world’s 1.8 billion young people currently not involved in employment, education and training. It is also mentioned that one billion youth will enter the job market in the next decade, but only 40% are expected to be able to get jobs that currently exist. The World Bank report compared the situation and indicators in four focus countries- Bangladesh, El Salvador, Tunisia and Uganda.
In 2013, about 41% of Bangladesh youth were considered NEET (not in employment, education or training) and the portion of unemployed NEETs was 78% according to the report. This is because of absence of quality education and a skilled labor force are the main causes of youth unemployment in Bangladesh.

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