Export Earnings from the Leather Industry will be 500 Crores: Tofail Ahmed

Commerce minister Tofail Ahmed expects that the export earnings from the leather industry will be 500 crores by 2021. He stated that leather sector is continuously growing and the government is trying to maximize support to this sector. Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced leather, leather goods and footwear as “Product of the Year 2017”.

A press conference for the product of the year 2017 has been arranged by the ministry of commerce at a hotel in Dhaka last Sunday. Officers form the ministry of commerce and ministry of labor and important business personnel from leather industry were also present on that occasion.

Commerce minister also stated that in 2015-16 fiscal year the export earnings from the leather sector was 116 crores 9 lacks and 50 thousand US dollars. In next 10 years, Bangladeshi Footwear and Leather goods will be one of the most competitive product in world leather industry. He said many of the tannery owners relocated their factories from Hazaribagh to leather industrial park in Savar. However, some of them still failed to relocate their factories. If they don’t relocate before the deadline, every kind of utility enjoyed by them in Hazaribagh will be cut off and they will be in hassle.

In the press conference, commerce secretary Mr. Hedayetullah al Mamoon said that there will be an activity plan for all over the year 2017 to achieve the targeted goal from the leather industry. Also, the consumption of the local market will also be determined and research on sourcing raw hides from alternative source will be continuous.

On that occasion labor secretary, Mr. Mekail Shipper said that 0.3% of export earnings are deducted in the readymade garments sector for the interest of workers, it will also be introduced in the leather sector to ensure labor safety.

Mr. Suvasish basu, secretary, the ministry of textile and jute, Mafruha Sultana, Vice-chairman, Export Promotion Bureau, Md. Saiful Islam, President of Leathergoods And Footwear Manufacturer & Exporter’s Association of Bangladesh (LFMEAB), Mr. Mahiuddin Ahmed, President of Bangladesh finished leather, leathergoods and footwear exporters association, Mr. Shahin Ahmed, President of Bangladesh tanner’s association and other important personnel from the leather industry were also present on that occasion.