Leather Pipeline: Time for consumers to say no to plastic?

Consumers now have the opportunity to let brands and retailers know whether they want to continue to buy plastic products, according to the latest edition of our exclusive Leather Pipeline market intelligence report.

It says that if they are no longer interested in these “shapeless, non-sustainable and buy-and-dump” items, they must show they are willing to see hides as a natural resource, the supply of which depends on the consumption of meat rather than on the demand for leather products. The alternative is that this raw material is destroyed or buried at significant expense.

The report also explains that it is surprising how few people think about the consequences of buying cheap sneakers with a short lifespan. At the same time, many consumers complain about not having much choice when it comes to buying shoes as they are all the same, although they may be branded under a different name.

“It is interesting that when the discussion gets to leathergoods and handbags, leather suddenly becomes very important,” it adds, suggesting that the main reason is that these products are touched frequently and are a close part of the daily lives of consumers.

“If you tried to copy this to shoes and asked those same people if the hands are more important than the feet, they may begin to think about the great pair of shoes they once owned that were so comfortable, got better with age and lasted for a long time,” the report says, urging the leather industry to employ this tactic rather than always focusing on a defensive strategy.

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