Compliance Guidance

The LFMEAB compliance cell is providing the auditing services under the Social Compliance Factory Improvement Program to improve social compliance status of Leather goods and Footwear factories.
Under the audit service, three audits for a factory: initial, follow-up and final audit are conducted over the year. Through these audits, factories receive grades in different categories to provide the management an idea about their compliance status. For instance, a factory may not have a proper alternative exit, or if the emergency exit or aisle is locked or blocked during working hours, or if suitable minimum wages are not given, the factory’s audit grades will be significantly affected despite high scores. Zero tolerance issues such as child labour, forced labour, discrimination, harassment, and abuse will all also significantly affect a factory’s audit grades.
A comprehensive audit checklist adopted by LFMEAB Compliance Cell used throughout the audits on the basis of Bangladesh Labor Law 2006, relevant ILO convention & recommendations ratified by Bangladesh and relevant Leather industry laws and rules, including environmental law.
Furthermore, through audit service; the team helps factories to prepare for compliance audits by different brands and third-party auditing companies. Factories who received auditing services are gradually more confident on compliance issues.