As the President of the Leathergoods And Footwear Manufacturer & Exporter’s Association of Bangladesh (LFMEAB), I am honored to welcome you all to our official site and invite you to join us. LFMEAB along with its fundamental objective will be committed to the overall development of Bangladesh leather sector and help in achieving higher export growth to enhance our share in global trade. The dynamic and fervent enthusiasm that the previous board has shown sets the standards high for my duties to be carried out. I, therefore, welcome potential investors, and all our current members for any assistance and services from LFMEAB. Women employment is predominant in our sector and we highly encourage their participation, where gender equality needs to be addressed for maintaining equal employment opportunity. To maintain our competitive advantage we still need to emphasize on environmental issues, efficiency, and technical know-how, proper mid-level management and develop negotiation skills. We must take the competitive advantage in leather sector from the China+1 strategy as there is a recent drop in China’s leather footwear production, and buyers are thinking of shifting from China to other Asian / African countries to minimize their costs. So, if we can overcome all these negative factors mentioned above then we can become a global player for leather goods and footwear as we have advantage on our lead time. Taking advantage of demographic dividend, we can become global player in our sector by addressing social compliance in line with other business skills. In conclusion, we hope that with the industry’s inherent strengths of skilled manpower, innovative technology, increasing industry compliance to international environmental standards, and dedicated support of the associated industries, the Bangladesh Leather sector will be able to encompass the production and thereby export will result in creating additional employment opportunities and hence contribute more to the economic growth of our nation

Thank You

Md. Saiful Islam
Leathergoods & Footwear Manufacturers & Exporters Association of Bangladesh (LFMEAB)